Eyre Peninsula Bibliography

Railway Periodicals

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The NJ Class from Alice Springs to Port Lincoln.
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Detailed description of the Morrison Knudsen rebuilds of ex-BHP DE locos.
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Photographic page of grain wagons at Port Lincoln.
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Historical overview of the Port Lincoln Division.
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This installment of Kim's multi-part article covers the history of the Brill railcars and trailers on the Port Lincoln Division.
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Covers the history of the Fageol railcars and trailers, including their operation on the Port Lincoln Division.
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Covers the unusual parentage and history of DA7 (now GWA's 906).
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Description of the introduction of standard gauge within the new steelworks at Whyalla.
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Detailed description of the BHP Coffin Bay lime sands "tramway".
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Illustrated description of the "West Coast Wanderer" tour which covered the whole Port Lincoln Division in 1976. Also includes extensive historical notes.
Campbell, Jean, 'Port Lincoln Division', Australian Railway, August 1987.
A contemporary (1987) overview of the Port Lincoln Division.
Carter, Mark, 'Whyalla GWA Update', Catchpoint, January 2009.
Details of changes to rolling stock, locomotives and operations.
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Description and photographic coverage just prior to the arrival of the GWN class.
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A snapshot of the Division as it was in September 1997.
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A brief history of the BHP Coffin Bay lime sands line, now lifted.
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A lengthy account of the development and operation of the Port Lincoln Division.
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A history of the U Class 2-6-0 locomotives.
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Detailed account of the NJ class, including their years on the Port Lincoln Division.
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Coverage of the Whyalla lines just prior to the arrival of the GWN class.
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A detailed description of the SAR T Class locomotives, including their use on the Port Lincoln Division.
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A quick look at single-train grain workings on the Port Lincoln lines.
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A discussion of the issues being canvassed by Transport SA regarding the future of rail on Eyre Peninsula.
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Account of a visit to Eyre Peninsula in 1970.
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A detailed coverage of all that is known about this unique episode on the Port Lincoln Division.
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Includes Port Lincoln's unique internal combustion experiment.
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Overview and drawings of the X Class 2-6-0 locomotives.
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Overview and drawings of the V Class 0-4-4T locomotives.
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Overview and drawings of the U Class 2-6-0 locomotives.
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Overview and drawings of the W Class 2-6-0 locomotives.
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Overview and drawings of the T Class 4-8-0 locomotives.
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Overview and drawings of the Z Class 4-4-0 locomotives.
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An overview of the Port Lincoln Division in 2001.
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Coverage of the diesel era on the Whyalla narrow gauge, and the arrival of the GWN Class.
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A summary of the Kevin gypsum traffic over the years and a contemporary look at current operations.
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Parsons, D.B., ' 3'6" Passenger Rollingstock of the SAR', ARHS Bulletin, July - October 1958.
Detailed account of the SAR's 31'6" and 50' cars, and passenger brakevans, many of which ran on Eyre Peninsula.
Railway Transportation, 'Slim Gauge Mikados Make Merry with 2000-ton Trains', Railway Transportation, November 1952.
Feature article on BHP's Whyalla - Iron Monarch heavy-haul 'Tramway'.
Railway Transportation, 'Diesel-Hydraulic Shunters for Standard Gauge Steelworks Duties', Railway Transportation, December 1962.
Feature article on the first three DH class shunters for BHP Whyalla.
Railway Transportation, 'Ceduna-Kevin opening' and 'Port Lincoln workshop upgrade', Railway Transportation, March 1966.
Short articles covering these two developments.
Railway Transportation, 'BHP Coffin Bay Tramway', Railway Transportation, July 1967.
Feature article with extensive coverage of BHP's then-new standard gauge line.
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Report on study into Port Lincoln Division which resulted in major infrastructure upgrades.
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Photographic feature on Port Lincoln and Whyalla operations.

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