HAN Grain Hopper

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Class HAN
Vehicle type Bogie grain hopper
First introduced 1969
To Port Lincoln 1969
Ex Port Lincoln  
Load capacity 36 tons (Dec 1984: 40 tons)
Number on Eyre Peninsula 68
Vehicle numbers HAN1-68

New to Port Lincoln, delivered in four batches of 17: HAN1-17 in service Aug-Dec 1969, HAN18-34 in service Sep-Dec 1970, HAN35-51 in service Mar-May 1973, HAN52-68 in service Sep-Dec 1973. HAN1-17 issued on bar frame bogies ex SN vans at Peterborough (capacity 32.5 tons). Original bogies under HAN18-51 not known. HAN1-51 re-equipped with roller bearing bogies ex OMN wagons 1970 (capacity 36 tons). HAN1-51 issued with 'chopper' couplers, replaced with autos ex OMN wagons 1973-74. HAN51-68 issued with roller bearing bogies and auto couplers ex ON wagons. Roof hatches replaced with roll-top covers 2001. HAN8 scrapped at Port Adelaide, May 2003.

HAN23 at Port Lincoln, June 1975. Photo: Jeff Moonie