Minnipa Photographic Selection

The October 2012 issue of the Australian Model Railway Magazine included extensive coverage of Minnipa, taken by John Dennis in his evocative style. Here are some more scenes taken by John.

Classleader 850 idles in front of the loco shed at Minnipa, beside one of the 6-wheel water tank wagons. The track in the foreground is the northern leg of the triangle.

850 shunts a rake of empties beside the silos at Minnipa. The OGN wagon is a classic case of SAR 're-use' of equipment, having a 1962-built body on an underframe from an old Commonwealth Land Transport Board flat wagon from the Second World War.

871 rolls an up goods train away from Minnipa. The Tod main water pipeline parallels the main line for nearly 200 km across Eyre Peninsula, bringing much-needed water to a huge low-rainfall area.

871 shunts the goods siding at Yaninee. The sheep van is standing at the site of the livestock yard, which has been constructed since this 2012 photo.

854 and 871 double-head an up goods, seen here rolling through Yaninee.

854 leads a down goods into Minnipa. The soil on the model is real dirt collected from Minnipa, sieved and glued in place. It was the easiest way to accurately capture the correct colours!

This shows John during one of the scene setups. John travels with his own lighting equipment to create just the right effects. One image can take 30 to 40 minutes to set up and capture, such is his perfectionist approach (and the results are stunning). Since his visit, the permanent lighting in the room has been changed to 5000K fluoros for daylight equivalence, making ad hoc photography much easier.