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9 May 2023 Updated the 1960s Rollingstock page.
4 Feb 2021 Updated the 1960s Rollingstock page.
30 Jan 2021 Updated the 1960s Rollingstock and Out-of-era pages.
21 Sep 2020 Updated the Out-of-era and Just-for-fun rollingstock pages.
26 Apr 2020 Added new Video Glimpse page under Minnipa - Model.
Updates and additions to the 1960s Rollingstock page.
3 Nov 2018 Updated livestock vans on 1960s Rollingstock page.
7 Dec 2017 Updated T Class on locos page.
17 May 2017 Updated Minnipa and Yaninee model pages.
20 May 2016 Updated ex-Short Tom GB and added ENHB and NHA wagons on rollingstock pages.
15 Feb 2016 Updated HFN hopper on rollingstock page.
26 Jan 2016 Added page of additional photographs of the layout as taken by John Dennis.
25 Jan 2016 Updated many pages to incorporate the changes over the last couple of years.
22 Dec 2011 Updated several pages to include recent modelling, in particular the application of mallee trees.
8 Apr 2011 Updated the various Minnipa - Model pages with new images and updated information.
Added new Minnipa Ballast Siding and Poldinna pages under Minnipa - Model.
14 Feb 2010 Added the first version of the new Eyre Peninsula Gallery.
10 Jan 2010 Change of address on the about page.
13 Nov 2009 Date of 2010 Modelling the Railways of South Australia Convention set.
1 Aug 2009 Minor updates to the models rolling stock page.
19 Apr 2009 Minor updates to the models rolling stock page.
13 Apr 2009 Added a new page with photographs of Ralph Holden's SAR Eyre Peninsula Division garden railway.
Updated the models rolling stock page with additional photos and new details.
26 Jan 2009 Added a sitemap page.
2 Nov 2008 Date of 2009 Convention on home page.
19 Jun 2008 Updated links page.
Updated the models rolling stock page.
16 Apr 2008 Introduced new web site structure and contents. In addition to a general revamp of the structure of the web pages and the improved rendering of images, a number of new images have been added along with several new structure plans. A downloadable file of all plans from the site is also now available.
This date also sees the completion of the migration of information on the railways of Eyre Peninsula to the Peninsula Pioneer website (with the exception of Minnipa-specific details which still reside here).